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​What to Do in the Event of a Claim​​​​​

​​Broker Partners
  • To report a claim please contact your underwriter listed on th​e Customer Service page.

Insured Policyholders

  • If you experience a claim please contact your broker who will notify IHG.
  • If you do not have a broker, please refer to your policy for instructions on reporting a claim.

Potential Claims

If you are unsure as to whether a claim has occurred, please contact your underwriter listed on the Customer Service page to discuss. In the event of a potential claim, the same notification process will take place.

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Claims

For more information about Nonprofit Community Association D&O claims, please refer to the Ian H. Graham/CNA Claims Guide.  It includes details on:

  • How to report a D&O claim or potential claim
  • What constitutes a D&O claim? 
  • Claims process:  what to expect
  • Who handles the defense? 
  • Does the carrier hire an attorney? 
  • Can we use our association’s attorney?