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​Risk Management Articles​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Help is just a phone call away with the Directors’ & Officers’ (D&O) Liability Claims Helpline

Exclusive risk management benefit now available to all Ian H. Graham/CNA D&O policyholders. The D&O Claims Helpline provides IHG policyholders with professional guidance from experienced claim professionals within the CNA Specialty Claim Unit.

Cyber Crime Liability Protection

While the standard insurance coverage available to community associations covers general liability, D&O and commercial property, it typically doesn’t provide coverage for cyber liability-related claims. If left unprotected in the event of a cyber-liability claim, an association could be at significant financial risk.​

Simple Steps To Help Avoid Common Non-Profit Community Association Directors' & Officers' Liability Claims

After more than two decades of experience in the Non-Profit Community Association industry, IHG has determined that most Directors' and Officers' (D&O) liability claims could be avoided by following a few simple, yet vital steps. Here are 7 simple guidelines to help you.

Smooth Criminals- this Florida Community Association Journal article, authored by IHG's Tifinni Tegan,  highlights Community Association Board Members' need for Crime Coverage within their policy. Tegan highlights a classic claim scenario and gives tips on how to make sure community associations are protected from smooth criminals! 

The ABC's of D&O: Insuring Your Board's Decisions - "Volunteers are making decisions that often times involve large amounts of money that can impact every unit owner within the Association," IHG's Adam Collins says. He shares insights on how D&O coverage can help protect your Board member's assets in this August 2011 Cooperator article.


Condominium Association Crime Coverage -  FHA/HUD's new condominium certification regulations took effect late last year while FHA-backed loans soared in popularity. Although there are several criteria for becoming FHA-certified, as the insurance advisor to this market, you can assist your condominium association clients by ensuring that they carry the required amount of Crime Insurance.


Beyond HR – CNA/IHG D&O policyholders, have access to free Employment Practices training to mitigate employment related claims. Beyond HR, provides various training tools, checklists, and webinars for employers to use to mitigate discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination claims. In addition, policyholders have access to a complimentary Human Resources consulting advice through the HR Help Line provided by Jackson Lewis, LLP, a national law firm specializing in employment law. Download an overview of the program and client access instructions.


Why Associations Need D&O Insurance – Why is D&O insurance important? See these Foreclosures & Imposed Assessment Claim Scenarios.

Foreclosure Risk Management For Homeowners AssociationsThere is no general rule of law regarding foreclosures. Requirements may vary by jurisdiction. Consideration of some simple due diligence practices may save Associations later headaches and lead to greater satisfaction of the debt without the need for conclusion of the foreclosure process.

Defamation, emotions and D & O litigation – D&O litigation is often emotionally charged, but defamation cases may be the most volatile of all. Harm to one's reputation or integrity is often perceived as irreparable by the victim, resulting in lawsuits initiated on "principle." This type of claim will be no stranger to HOA's in the future. This article offers strategies, considerations, and a case study on defamation suits.

Ruiz vs Harbor View Community Association – When this homeowner sues his Association for libel, the "Legal Privileges" defense doesn't hold water.

Community Manager Errors & Omissions Coverage: What You Need To Know –For reasons I will leave to property managers to discuss amongst themselves, there have been a number of myths regarding property manager exposure in the community association industry. In brief, I call this the "Teflon Myths." The first myth is often brought up when I ask a property manager if he or she has errors and omissions coverage. The answer that I am most often given is that "errors and omissions coverage is not necessary, because my management agreement with the community association provides me with a hold harmless provision or an indemnity agreement." The second myth that is often proffered is that "the community association's directors' & officers' liability policy will protect me."The inherent reality of these myths is that they are just that: myths. As with most myths, although they make great stories, they are not quite accurate.

How Will I Cover That Unexpected Loss Assessment? – I just attended my monthly association meeting and the association's board advised the members that the association was just hit with a $1,500,000 judgment due to skateboarding accident in the parking lot of the association. That news was tragic and bad enough. Unfortunately, the bad information was to follow. The association only had $1,000,000 general liability coverage for this incident. Accordingly, the remaining $500,000 will have to be satisfied pursuant to a "special assessment" levied on the membership. With 10 members in the association, each member will be assessed $50,000 per member. My neighbor sitting next to me said: "thank goodness I have loss assessment coverage." I turned to my neighbor and said: "what is that?" I said my broker told me I have full coverage. As I found out, the "full coverage" I was told I had did not include "loss assessment" coverage.

Cost Savings Measures and the Community Association: Is it Possible? – In this post-9/11 era, when insurance companies are still recovering from the largest single insurable loss in history, community associations are feeling the pinch. The question arises: can a community association take steps to minimize insurance cost increases?

Community Association D&O Risk: Good Intentions Are Not Enough – When you sell property coverage for condominiums, co-ops and homeowners' associations, do you ask these clients if their members have Directors' and Officers' (D&O) insurance covering their volunteer board members? It's important to get answers to this question; not only for them, but for your own protection as the insurance agent.

Top Ten Most Common D&O Insurance Claims – This article will help you to identify the most common claims; identify why these common claims occur; learn how to avoid these claims in the first instance; if a claim still occurs, and it will, learn how to informally resolve claims before they explode; and, learn how to maximize the resolution of a claim with hints from the insurer.

From the True Claims Fil​es – Read about some of the most common types of D&O claims submitted to IHG Insurance.

Not All Directors and Officers Liability Policies Are Created Equal – Do you sit on the board of your condo or coop?If you do, are you sure that you and your personal assets are adequately protected when the board of directors and the association are sued?

The Employment Application – An employment application is an information-gathering tool that will assist you in your hiring decisions and should contain language that will reduce employment-related liability exposures.

Helpful Links

Affinity Nonprofits- For classes of Nonprofit D&O other than Community Associations,such as Social Service & Charitable organizations; Museums,Historical Societies and Botanical Gardens; Foundations; NonprofitLong-Term Care Facilities; Chambers of Commerce, Membership Clubs,Humane Societies and other nonprofit organizations; and Social andRecreational Clubs, please visit IHG Insurance's sister-company's website.

CommunityAssociations Network - A resource center for those who live in, governor work with condominium, homeowner and property owner associations. CANlinks to articles and information around the internet.

CommunityAssociations Institute - Community Associations Institute (CAI) is a national, nonprofit 501(c)(6) association created in 1973 to provide education and resources to America's 231,000 residential condominium,cooperative and homeowner associations and related professionals and service providers. The Institute is dedicated to fostering vibrant,responsive, competent community associations that promote harmony,community, and responsible leadership. We are proud to announce that CAIhas awarded its exclusive endorsement to the IHG/CNA D&O Program.

CNA Pro - CNA Prois one of the largest providers of non-medical professional liability insurance and risk management services, as well as a premier writer of financial insurance products. We provide insurance protection for a variety of professional liability and fidelity exposures.

California Association of Community Managers - CACM is the only organization in California whose membership is comprised entirely of community association managers and association practitioners. CACM's emphasis is on education, training and heightened professionalism of community association managers.Programs, activities and educational opportunities dealing with a variety of topics are available. All are tailored to meet the needs and interests of community association managers.

Aon Specialty Programs Network - Aon Specialty Programs Network serves as a conduit between Aon companies and the independent agency/broker network. Aon Specialty Programs Network provides independent agents/broker sease of access to these companies that provide specialty risk coverages and insurance services.